• The domain of computing is fast changing and dynamically evolving. Education has to support close relations with innovations and research. The project tries to establish links between training, research and innovation by means of introducing advanced educational programmes in computing education (CE).
  • The project consortium has successfully implemented and completed two thematic networks: ECET and DEC. As a result, comparable professional standards, curricula and syllabi of the three educational degrees have been developed. To close the whole cycle we must try to interlink teaching, research and innovations in the field of CE and training.
  • The current proposal will serve as a prerequisite for the preparation of a next proposal of the structural network type promoting the "knowledge triangle".


Outcomes and products:

  1. Analysis of the links between education, research and innovations in CE.
  2. Updated comparable curricula for Bachelors, Masters and Doctors.
  3. Virtual Network of Innovative Educational Technologies Centres in CE.
  4. Assessment parameters for the relevance of research topics for teaching.
  5. Databases with teaching and research topics for bachelor and master degree students.
  6. INFO-SYS Online Databases of Research Projects.
  7. Three international e-Learning conferences.
  8. Three international CompSysTech conferences.
  9. Student's European-Job-Factory.



  1. Giving students the opportunity to do research at undergraduate level will encourage them to continue later with research activities and will also contribute to their overall motivation.
  2. Getting the students involved in research will help them develop the necessary attitudes towards creating new knowledge, technologies, and innovations. It will also strengthen the position of higher education as education through research.
  3. The influence of research and innovations on the educational process will result in developing new advanced educational programmes in the field of computing.
  4. ETN TRICE will offer the computing industry a new relationship with education and research which will change the world of education too.