Project outputs


The envisaged project outputs in each of the workpackages are as follows:

  1. For WP1
    Efficient network management structure applying the experience gathered in the management of TN ECET and ETN DEC. Project documentation needed to manage the project successfully.
  2. For WP2
    Questionnaire designed to survey the connection between education, research and innovations in the field of computing education.  Questionnaire responses obtained, processed and analysed with the help of the developed WEB application. Number of respondents - at least 300 individuals from universities, companies, associations, scientific and professional players. Virtual workshop for research institutions and research departments of IT companies.
  3. For WP3
    Updated curricula with results of the survey considered. Innovative teaching methods as e-Learning, m-Learning introduced in Computer courses. Virtual Network of Innovative Educational Technologies Centres in the field of Computing. Three international e-Learning conferences.
  4. For WP4
    Established links with thematic research networks, centres of excellence and other research teams. Assessment parameters for relevance of research topics for teaching. Two databases with teaching and research topics for Bachelors and Masters. Three workshops for bachelor, master and PhD teams for presentation of research results.
  5. For WP5
    Close cooperation with IT companies established. Information System consisting of two databases of Research Projects assigned by industry. Three international conferences in the field of Computing (CompSysTech).
  6. For WP6
    Evaluation of all meetings, conferences, workshops and project materials. Evaluation results used mainly by project partners but made available to authorities and institutions who are policy-makers in the field.
  7. For WP7
    Practical placements for students. Proposal for a master programme in Computing under Erasmus Mundus. Student's European-Job-Factory organised.
  8. For WP8
    Dissemination of Project results. WEB site of the project and all conferences. Published conference proceedings. Publications of the achieved results in professional journals, newspapers, magazines and brochures. Dissemination through the mass media.