Aims & Objectives


The concrete aim of this proposal is to introduce research and innovations in Computing education and training. This will be achieved through analysing the existing situation, exchanging experiences, disseminating good practices among all partners and raising the quality of education, by using innovative educational technologies. Another aspect of the main goal is to integrate teams from universities, research institutes and companies so that ETN TRICE becomes teaching, research and innovations operator in Computing Education. This objective will be achieved and the activities completed thanks to the collective experience and results achieved from the two previous successfully completed networks "European Computing Education and Training" and "Doctoral Education in Computing".


Main project objectives are to:

  1. Create European Thematic Network for Teaching, Research and Innovations in Computing Education
  2. Study the existing situation about the connection between education, research and innovations in computing education
  3. Reorganise teaching and course delivery on the basis of innovative educational technologies
  4. Introduce research in the teaching process
  5. Promote innovations through close cooperation with companies
  6. Organize practical placements of students and Student's European-Job-Factory
  7. Analyse Erasmus Mundus mechanisms for introducing new study programmes
  8. Disseminate Project results


The main activities of ETN TRICE will be developed along three main lines:              

  1. Teaching, leading to high quality education, utilising modern technologies such as e-Learning, m-Learning, development of new educational programs etc.
  2. Providing opportunities for active participation of students and staff in various research activities.
  3. Promoting innovations through close cooperation with companies and small and medium size enterprises.


The project consortium believes that the accomplishment of the above objectives and aims will lead to changing the existing situation and address the needs of the target groups identified by the key players in the field of Computing Education.